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August 11, 2007


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The Cube

6/29 to 7/1 - Departure & Germany

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    Pictures of our unscheduled side trip to Munich, Germany. Due to our 3 hour layover in Chicago, we were messed up on our other connections to Romania. This resulted in an overnight stay in Munich. The bright side, was that we were able to get a walking tour of Munich in prior to our 8PM flight out on July 1st! Bonus!

7/1 - 7/3 - Timisoara & Cenei

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    From our arrival in Timisoara through our time in the Romania village of Cenei (pronounced Chenay). Cenei is one of the mission points that we served in for two days (Monday and Tuesday).

7/4 - 7/5 - Timisoara & Sacalaz

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    Our second mission point was Sacalaz, about 15 minute drive from our hotel in Timisoara. Pastor Mocanu is very well known there, as he has been working & serving in this area for about 5 years.

7/6 - Timisoara free day

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    On Friday 7/6, we had a free day where we shopped and did some sight-seeing around Timisoara. We had a "victory service" that night to celebrate the work that had been done during the week, and giving God the glory for what He had done through us.